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put prompts in blender, press puree
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Remix is almost upon us! As usual, I'm missing a few drabbles to qualify for some of the fandoms. That's why it's time to give me ficlet prompts! Leave me a fandom and some combination of character/pairing + word/song lyric/quote/etc.

Fandoms: MCU (Clint/Natasha or gen please!), Firefly, and Community (S1-S3). It's not a Remix fandom, but I'll throw in Veronica Mars for the hell of it. You know what? While I'm at it, I'm stuck on an XMFC fic and a Les Mis fic, so sock it to me.

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like a bad penny
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[personal profile] renata_kedavra asked, I quit watching Glee somewhere in season 2. Are there any good reasons why I should consider watching the rest of it?

Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer: No. I mean, Season 2 is worth finishing? There are 99 things to rage about, but I didn't start hate-watching until S3. S2 set up a beautiful coming out arc for Santana Lopez that S3 mangled in every way possible. The season finale did no favors for Rachel, but otherwise had some nice setup. WE WERE ALL UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT IT WOULD GET BETTER IN S3. WE WERE SO WRONG.

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and an ocean tumbled by with a private boat
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[personal profile] skygiants asked, I would like you to write about books you get for your classroom! :D

I'm answering this question within a week of reorganizing my library, a fact which probably amuses only me. Rambling about my library center layout.Collapse )

I wanted to give a sense of the layout of the library because it houses only about 50-60% of my book collection! Where are the rest?Collapse )

To finally answer Becca's question, I get books for my classroom based on a few key factors. My children love books starring kids who look like them, so I own a ton of books featuring children of color. (Shoutout: The books my school provides are also fabulous on that front and pocky_slash is like my own personal librarian.) My children love books with fun or beautiful language, so my amazing mother scoured used book sales to ensure I had multiple copies of every Dr. Seuss book. My children love books with fun or beautiful artwork, so sometimes I buy books with no words at all. My children love books about animals, the deadlier/grosser the better! My children love books they can read all by themselves, so there is an entire Elephant & Piggie section of my library. My children love books that I loved as a child, because I have a special voice when I talk about them.

I still shop for my classroom as a book lover--a book lover with specialized knowledge! I still love the shine and smell and weight of brand new books. The best kidlit can still make me laugh out loud or burst into tears. Now when I pick up One by Kathryn Otoshi, I can also mentally plan my class's ensuing discussion about bullying, plus a counting activity, plus a color mixing activity that meets science and art standards, thank you very much. In writer's workshop, I can use it to show how authors change text size and shape to indicate how characters are feeling, or maybe how simple illustrations can tell a powerful story.

Ugh, children's literature is just the best. It delights adults as well. I gave an art teacher a copy of Ish. She had never read it before and broke out into the biggest smile reading it. KIDLIT. ♥♥♥

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you just want something to build
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Eons ago, [personal profile] pocky_slash asked, What characteristics do you see recurring in characters you like? Why do those parts of the characters appeal to you?

I love hero types who know how hard the world is, who have walked through the fire themselves and persevere. They know what their heroism means to others and strive to set an example even if they are in great personal pain. They approach others with understanding and weary compassion. Sometimes these characters have lives that end in tragedy. Sometimes these characters falter and make mistakes. Sometimes they don't gain that world weariness until the end of an arc or a season or a series. Against all odds, they hope. Formative heroes of my childhood include King Arthur, Luke Skywalker, and Tsukino Usagi. Other favorites include Buffy Summers, Tenjou Utena, Steve Rogers, Charles Xavier, and Aang.

There are lots of other character types that I love, but this type cleaves closest to my heart. When I was little, I wanted to be a knight. I knew there were no dragons around to slay, but I wanted to help people and lead by example. So much of that is tied up in my favorite childhood narratives and my upbringing. My dad was the Little League coach who taught sportsmanship before everything else. (Unsurprisingly, he left coaching because of jerk parents.) I grew up to be a teacher. In my best moments, I'm living my childhood dream.

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Rarewomen 2014
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Dear Rarewomen Author,

Congratulations! You are writing me a story about LADIES and therefore you are fabulous. You can also find me on tumblr if you'd like more of a sense of my preferences/personality/etc.

In general, I like banter (witty or otherwise), ladies being awesome, ladies being friends, happy endings, bittersweet endings, character vignettes, domesticity, daring capers, literary references (if appropriate), and seemingly unrequited love becoming requited at last. Obviously, all of these do not have to be in one fic. I'm a warm, fuzzy person in general (goes with the whole early childhood educator thing), but I don't object to dark and twisty if it fits the canon.

Brooklyn Nine Nine, Alphas, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Capital ScandalCollapse )

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what it takes to come alive
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pocky_slash asked, What's your dream S3 of Bomb Girls? For, uh, January 8th. We're playing a little catch-up here at Chez Teacher. Bear with me, guys and dolls!

Bomb Girls. S3. You know it is meant to be.Collapse )

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a precautionary tale
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No one claimed a topic for today, so I get to choose! Of course the topic that springs to mind is absurd.

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: if the button on your very favorite coat is dangling to the point where you think, Hmm, that will need sewing when I get home, PULL IT OFF THEN AND THERE. Otherwise, it will disappear into the snowy recesses of transit, and all of a sudden you will be e-mailing a boutique in Australia trying to find out if they can ship buttons internationally. (I just ordered 8 oversize white buttons, but the proper ones are so pretty!)

The coat in question! (Everyone who has ever seen it IRL refers to it as "the Disney princess coat.")

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january meme, kind of!
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School is back in session tomorrow and I just finished printing out this week's homework! Yesterday, pocky_slash and I generated a writing schedule for 2014, so I'm feeling pretty good about the new year.

Anyway, I meant to get this post up on the first, but was considerably distracted. GIVE ME TOPICS TO WRITE ABOUT, PEOPLE! Feel free to claim several days, since I'm sure I'll still have some blank ones. January is a long month, so it doesn't matter that I missed 5 days of it, right?

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2013 writing meme!
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